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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pagka-anonimo ng Buhay (Anonimity of Life): SGR No.4

SGR No.4

Luke 17:5-10 (Eve of Transitus-Passing over of St. Francis of Assisi)

The apostles said to the Lord, "Increase our faith!"

Tonight, I do join the whole Franciscan Family in commemorating the passing over of our seraphic father Francis from his life here on earth to heaven. A peaceful death, that is how they will describe his passing over. Just 2 years before his death, he already surrendered his life to the Lord with such a great joy and humility in serving Him and eventually receiving the wounds of our Lord.

In the Gospel, that is the challenge to us. To serve the Lord, will our lives humbly just like St.Francis. No wonder he earned the respect of the church to be called "Alter Christus" (Other Christ). Lucky are those who experienced to live with St. Francis, for they have a glimpse of the Lord in their time. A man of charism and even during his time he had conquered the muslim and arab region because of his way of living. if I were to give him a title it would be "The first Ambassador of peace." It is by his example that attracted people from all walks of life to follow Christ in poverty. Nevertheless, after his death the history of Francis, his past, present and his future was erased but the Love of the Lord flowed to all the ends of the earth. as what he always says and do, Lord make me your instrument.

Lord I lift up my soul to you. In you alone I trust.

O most holy soul,
at your departure from the earth, the heavenly host comes to meet you,
the angelic choir rejoices and the glorious Trinity welcomes you, saying:
remain with us forever.

PAX ET BONUM! (Peace and All Good!)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

SGR no.3

The Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16: 19-21)

Good day my Friends. Todays reflection will be a short one. There is this saying from one of my friends who happens to be a priest, "Short homily moves a heart and soul, but a long homily moves a chair." - Fr. Bert San Diego, OFM Cap.

The message for today's Gospel is simple yet I do believe it is hard for most us of, including me. The Lord ask us what is more important. To live a Life of grandiosity or to live simply and helping others as well? It is up to us to choiose between our needs and wants, and if we properly classify the things we truly need as well as the things that we just want. To live a simple life but near and dear to Him, or to live a luxurious life but away from His Love.

"To be poor in spirit is to be with God's Love. All will be well, nothing to worry." - inspired by St.Francis of Assisi.
Happy Sunday to all of us.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

S.G.R. (Sunday Gospel Reflections) No.2

Luke 16:1-3 or 1-13 (The Unrigtheous Steward)

I don't know if this is a co-incidence, last week before I started to do blogs again I came across with a friend of mine in the the internet. Just a few moments ago before I started this blog, I have come across with my officemate before who also happens to be a good friend of mine. A hard working staff in HR dept. im my previous employer. Charles, as what we fondly call him but I think he likes to be called as "Paul" or "PC". Not a personal Computer but Paul Charles...hehehe..

Now what's the connection with Paul and the Gospel for today? Definitely he is not the Unrigtheous Steward, but instead he is an example of a Trust worthy servant. For the past 2 months of working with him, I saw him how grateful he is with the work he has and I know he is happy with the achievements he has accomplished. He may not notice it but indeed he is a big part of the team. Unlike the Steward in the Gospel, a stubborn and coward steward. Unworthy of the trust that his master has given him.

Now the Good Lord ask us today, are we faithful to Him, to His Love and to His Promise of Salvation.

Luke 16: 13
"No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other You cannot serve God and wealth."

Your own comments as well as your personal reflections are also encouraged. Happy Sunday to us all!! Amen!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

S.G.R. (Sunday Gospel Reflections) No.1

Hi guys!!! I'm back again after a few months of being inactive in making blogs. This time I'll make use of my blog in spreading the Word. You can also share your thoughts and comments. I'm eager to read them, it doesn't matter whether you don't agree or not. It's nice to back. Hoping to hear from you guys. Happy Sunday!!!

Lots of Love and Prayers,

Mighty Brusco

The Gospel According to LUKE 15:1-32
(The 3 Parables on Lost and Found)

It's almost a year that has passed since the last time I posted a blog. Just this noon time, i have a chance to have a video chat with one of my friends way back in the Philippines, a Capuchin Friar. I asked him what are the Readings for this sunny Sunday. Then he gave me the verses, but the problem is I'm lost. I realized that i don't have a bible with me. Living here in a muslim dominated country is really hard. It is good that we have the internet, so i looked up on the verses. At that point i decided to write my reflections, sort of a diary so to speak.

Then i realized, I do have my own blogsite. I thought it is a good idea to activate it once more and use it with a much more meaningful purpose, "Anonimity of life." A lost soul, constantly looking the meaning of life here on earth. Co-incidentally the message of the Gospel is "Lost and found",the message of today's reading is clear. No matter how many times we turn away from His love, the good Lord with his loving mercy eagerly awaits for us. Just like the Lost sheep, the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son. It doesn't matter how many times we fail, but what counts most if the number of times we rise up and go on with life and to continue our journey with Him. His love never fades away. No if's and no but's, He loves us with no condition in return.

Life is a constant search for it's meaning, it's purpose. Hopefully before our life comes to an end, there will be no regrets. Before the final buzzer of our life sounds, we hope that we have lived a life with meaning not only to ourselves but also to others. It's not yet late for us to go back to His Love.

* Thanks for my family, friends, my Capuchin Friends and to my beloved one, Paula for always inspiring and motivating me to go on with life. I love you all, always. This is for You, my Lord and my God the true meaning of Life. Amen.

3:00pm, @ my Room, Tungku Rimba, Brunei Darussalam

Monday, September 21, 2009

Cast no Shadow....

Here's a thought for every man
Who tries to understand what is in his hands
He walks along the open road of Love & Life
surviving if he can

Bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say
Chained to all the places that he never wished to say
Bound with all the weight of all the words he tried to say
and as faced the sun he cast no shadow

As they took his soul they stole his pride

And as he faced the sun he cast no shadow

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anu nga ba?

para sa mga kabataan ng makabago at hi-tek na panahon....

sa mga dati, mga bago at sa mga hndi aku iniwan na mga kaibigan ko...

Isang buwan mahigit na ang nakalilipas ng ako ay mapasok sa isang klase ng buhay na hndi ko inakala na tatahakin ko. Ito ay ang magbigay ng "time-out" sa mga kabataan sa mabilis at magulong mundo ng urbanisasyon. Sinong mag-aakala, ako ang tutulong sa kanila na magnilay-nilay sa kanilang buhay na ako mismo kung minsan ay wala sa wisyo at pawarde-warde lang ang buhay. Ako na malayo sa tinapos ko nuong kolehiyo ang magbibigay ng retreat? Oo, nga pala sa hindi po nakaalam ako ay isang Nars by profession. Kaya laking gulat ng mga ibang nakakakilala sakin pagka nalalaman nila na ako ay nagbibigay ng retreat sa kanila. Ang bungas nila sakin, "Tj nagpari ka na ba?" Natatawa na lang ako, hindi ko din alam ang isasagot. Ang sabi ko na lang tumutulong ako. Yung iba naman ang reaksyon eh sigurado daw pagkatapos makinig sakin at natapos na yung retreat ng mga bata dadami daw ang mga bilanggo. Hmmm...ewan ko lang, baka nga siguro..hehehehe

Sa totoo lang sa mga araw na nilalagi ko dun sa Lipa, mas nakikilala ko ang sarili ko. Kung anu ang mahalaga sa buhay. Kung anu yung importante. Isa na dun ay ang pagkakaibigan Isang kaibigan ang naging daan kung bakit aku nandun. Nag-umpisa sa isang simpleng paanyaya at ngayo habang inaantay ko pa ang magiging takbo ng aking kapalaran eh nandun ako. Tumutulong at kasabay nadin nun ang pagpapahinga. [salamat nga pala kay Ato (si Fr.Bert), yun ang magiliw namin na tawagan]

KA-I-BI-GAN. Kaibigan, ito na marahil siguro ang pinaka importanteng mga tao sa buhay mo sunod sa iyong pamilya. Malungkot daw ang buhay pagka wala ka nito. Sa iba naman ito ang nagiging basehan nila kung anu ang pagkatao mo. The more friends the better you are, the less you are not that good ika nga nila. Kanya-kanyang opinion lang din naman iyan. Pero isa lang ang sigurado ako na sasang-ayunan ng lahat, ang mga kaibigan na magtatagal ayung mga tapat sa iyo at tapat kadin sa kanila. Na tipong kahit anu pa ang mangyari till death do us part ang labanan. Minsan talo pa ang girlfriend or ang asawa. Naalala ko tuloy yung kaibigan ko na clasmeyt ko din nung hayskul. Ang tanung niya sa isang barkada namin,"anu ba ang kaibigan? Nuong una natawa kami, pero nakita namin na seryoso siya. Marahil hindi talaga niya alam kung anu na nga ba. Anu nga ba ang kaibigan?

Marahil ang bawat isa sa atin ay may kanya-kanyang mga pakahulugan kung anu ang kaibigan para sa kanila/ sa kanya. Anu man ang dahilan, mga interes mo o intesyon sa isang ato ay dapat respetuhin. Ngunit isa lang ang sigurado ako, ang tunay na kaibigan ay handa mong intindihin at iintidihin ka. Na ang tunay na kaibigan ay walang pinipiling oras kung kailan siya hihingi ng tulong sa iyo at ganun ka din sa kanya. N anag tunay ay kaibigan ay kaya mong tanggapin ang lahat ng kahinaan at ganun kadin sa kanila. Na ang importante ay kung sino ang dumating sa buhay mo at hndi ka nila iiwan. Yun marahil siguro ang sukatan ng Pagkakaibigan.

Sa mga kaibigan wlang hanggang pasasalamat...